Household Food Vacuum Sealer Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing Machine For Food Preservation Packaging With 15PCS Sealer Bags
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Household Food Vacuum Sealer Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing Machine For Food Preservation Packaging With 15PCS Sealer Bags

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Economical and Practical:Vacuum Food Sealer eliminates freezer burn, reduces spoilage and food waste, and effectively increases food shelf life, making food still fresh and flavorful.
Good Healper for Cooking:Cooking and meal preparation becomes easier. Using Sous-Vide cooking method to acheive excellent results when preparing food. It also saves space of your freezer with the airtight bag packaging.
Easy to Operate:Do vacuum packing and sealing with one simple press, sealing food in seconds, offering you a quick, easy and inexpensive way of preserving your food.
Compact & Slim Design:Compact size and lightweight design for easy store. It can be placed on any kitchen counter top. Be careful with the heated sealing edge, not recommended for children to use.
Requirements on Film / Bags:The Vacuum Sealer fits up to 27cm width vacuum sealer bags and rolls with dots, knobs or grooves on one side and can preserve all types of food.

1. When placing the bag in the vacuum sealer, the end of the film must be positioned in front of the rear limitation webs and the lateral limitation webs (just inside the bottom sealing ring).
2. Please keep children and animals away from the electric device at all time.
3. The welding wire becomes very hot during operation. Do not touch it.

Two Modes: Seal Only, Vacuum & Seal
Sealing Width: 27cm
Vacuum Degree: -60Kpa
Rated Voltage Power Supply: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Power: 90W
Color: Black
Item Size: 36.8 * 7.7 * 7.5cm / 14.48 * 3.03 * 2.95in
Item Weight: 420g / 14.80oz
Package Size: 37.3 * 9.9 * 8.1cm / 14.68 * 3.89 * 3.18in
Package Weight: 701g / 24.73oz

Package List:
1 * Vacuum Sealer
1 * Power Cable
15 * Sealer Bags
1 * User Manual (EN/DE/FR/ES/JP/IT)





With 3D suction technology, the vacuum pressure of this vacuum sealer machine can reach up to-60Kpa just by one touch; the built-in DC heating strip supports heating in a low pressure, ensuring flat and smooth sealingimage

Sealed Wet and Dry Items

Two dry and wet modes of our food saver vacuum sealer machine are available to ensure a hermetic seal regardless of the type of food you are sealing. Moist- raw meat, seafood; Dry- food that does not seep; Normal- grain, hard fruits and vegetables, jewelry, parts, electronics that need to be preserved for a long time; Gentle- baked goods, fragile snacks, high-altitude fruits and vegetables.

imagePrepare Food In Advance

If you don’t have enough time to prepare ingredients every day, then you can prepare meals for the week for your family with the vacuum sealer. It is perfect to preserve the ingredients which sandwich,such as cucumber,tomatoes,or carrots.

Keep Bulk Food Fresh

Loving buying plenty of food, but it’s hard to keep food fresh for long? The vacuum sealer can solve the problem well. Take the vegetables, cheeses, meat, or sauces into vacuum bags, then vacuum and seal the bags. It is a simple way to save your money and space.

Ideal Solution To Keep Food Fresher

This vacuum sealer is aim to keep your meat, vegetables , and leftovers fresh and flavorful, above 5-7 times longer storage than traditional refrigeration, frozen storage and normal conditions.

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